RECALL ALERT! 2011 Kawasaki Ninja



Kawasaki Motors Corp USA is recalling the following Ninja motorcycles due to electrical issues:

  • 2011 ZX1000JBFL
  • 2011 ZX1000JBL
  • 2011 ZX1000KBFL
  • 2011 ZX1000JBL

The company says that a portion of the wiring harness can be pinched between the vehicle’s rear subframe and the rear fender, or between the rear subframe and the bolt holding the seat cover. This can lead to harness damage, resulting in a short between wires, ultimately leading to sudden engine stoppage. The potential number of vehicles affected is 2,560.

Dealers will make necessary repairs free of charge. Call Kawasaki at 866/802-9381 for more information.

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