A Few Tips

Hello, I just wanted to drop in a few tips I have learned riding. 
#1 Light me up. 
I have driving lights like a lot of riders out there but I have put them down on the crash bars for a specific reason.  When most people put their lights on a light bar mounted on either side of the headlight all you can see is a large blob of light if you are coming at them.  If you mount them down lower you get a separation and more importantly a triangle of lights which is much easier to tell the speed and distance of the bike coming at you.  This gives me a little bit more visibility to other drivers.  I have had numerous drivers take that extra second and rethink whether or not to pull in front of me.
#2 Tailgaters. 
When you have that driver that just wont get off your backside and you have signaled them nicely in numerous ways but they still wont back off.  Maybe there is no safe place to pull over and let them by.  Just practice your swerves in your own lane back and forth a bit.  9 times out of 10 they will back off quite a bit.  I try to do this when there is no oncoming traffic so that they are not freak out or distracted buy your movements. 
Ryan Vance
dedicated reader and subscriber
’06 Vulcan Nomad “Raven”
Maple Valley, WA