Amarok P1 electric racing motorcycle

Another hat has been thrown into the electric motorcycle ring.

The Amarok (Inuit for wolf) PI racer, built by Canadian designer Michael Uhlarik, has their sites set on the Moto GP class. Weighing in at just 325 pounds and packing a 7.5-kilowatt-hour battery, half the battery size of some rivals, speeds are claimed to be extremely competitive among the GP class.

The benefits of a smaller lightweight machine are many, according to the manufacturer. “Smaller chassis dimensions means a tight handling package and a smaller frontal area, reducing aerodynamic drag,” Uhlarik says. “Less weight and less complication means lower costs to build and, using high-performance common metals instead of exotic alloys and composites, means simple tooling, hand fabrication and ease of repair and modification.”

Power to weight ratio always plays a big part in successful motorcycle design, and the Amarok with its lightweight package looks to be a good example of this.

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