Green Dot Roads, New Jersey To North Carolina

The concept of the journey has nearly vanished from contemporary life. To “embark upon a journey” sounds archaic; instead, these days we “take a trip” and just want to “get there.” And if, God forbid, … [Read more...]

Her First – Not Your Second

Scenario:  You want to pass on your old bike to your wife as her first bike. Tip:  Wrong!  The only motorcycle a woman should ride as her first is the one that works best for her and only her.  … [Read more...]

Give ’em Gumballs

Heading East on hwy 60 from Madison to Milwaukee I passed a state trooper backed in and hiding in a farm field driveway.  He was gunning Westbound traffic.  A mile up the road I saw a group of bikers … [Read more...]

Charles Chips In

  Hi Lee:  Some of the tips may go against generally accepted guidelines but they worked well for me.   #1 rule in my book is making sure that you do a full safety and maintenance check before … [Read more...]

West in the Morning

When possible I try to plan the direction and timing of my rides to avoid the rising or setting sun.  In other words, head west in the morning and east in the afternoon.  Eliminating glare from the … [Read more...]

Take it from Trish

Hi Lee, I had this thought that I wanted to share... it comes from my first (and only) accident, and how I could've avoided it had I known better. Nighttime Invisibility You already know how … [Read more...]

Texas Long Horn

The best after market purchase I have made to date for my bike is a super loud air horn. Scenario: Driving on the interstate and an 18 wheeler is either tail-gating you or trying to get in my lane … [Read more...]

Get the Point

Scenario:  Approaching an intersection with a car or truck sitting in the left lane with directionals on waiting to turn.   Tip:  When I approach an intersection with a vehicle waiting to turn left  … [Read more...]

Light Up

Scenario:  My buddies and I are riding desolate rural roads after dark with or without rain.   Tip:  Everyone uses their high beams, with only the last rider using their mirrors to check behind. … [Read more...]

A Few Tips

Hello, I just wanted to drop in a few tips I have learned riding.  #1 Light me up.  I have driving lights like a lot of riders out there but I have put them down on the crash bars for a specific … [Read more...]