Motorcycles In Movies, RoboCops New Ride

Once again the remaking of a classic 80's film is in the works. RoboCop, a half man half machine officer of the law, patrolling the dirty streets of Detroit is a movie that hits on all sci-fi … [Read more...]

Video And Photos 2014 Harley-Davidson Touring Bike Components

Here are a few pictures and videos showing some of the 2014 Harley touring bike feature components. A large screen command center is the first of it's kind in motorcycling fully integrating voice … [Read more...]

Harley Rushmore Project Redefines 2014 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

MILWAUKEE – Harley-Davidson has created a new generation of American freedom machines. In the largest scale new model launch in the company's 110-year history, Project RUSHMORE encompasses eight new … [Read more...]

Motorcycles, Metallica, Zombies, and More

Had a great time recently at the Orion Music + More festival, hosted by heavy metal supergroup Metallica. The event took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 23 & 24, featuring bands on four … [Read more...]

New England Motorcycle Tour, Rolling Thru Maine

Last summer, our esteemed editor and resident fast-food guru Steve Lita asked if I’d be interested in heading north for the weekend and participating in Rolling Thru America’s Maine tour, aptly named … [Read more...]

Amarok P1 electric racing motorcycle

Another hat has been thrown into the electric motorcycle ring. The Amarok (Inuit for wolf) PI racer, built by Canadian designer Michael Uhlarik, has their sites set on the Moto GP class. Weighing … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Tour, Rolling Thru Maine Bonus Extras

You may have read all about my adventure with the Rolling Thru America crew in the June issue of RoadBike. Limited by page count it's hard to show all the photos you'd like, and have to pick a few to … [Read more...]

Brammo Enertia: 2010 Electric Motorcycle of the Year

According to the Brammo website the Brammo Enertia is the 2010 electric motorcycle of the year. Our editor Steve was lucky enough to take one out for a shake down run, and agrees it's a pretty cool … [Read more...]

Zero Motorcycles’ Long-time CEO Retires

Gene Banman, who has seen the company through the early phases of company’s development, to remain on the Board SANTA CRUZ, CA (April 5, 2011) –  Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the … [Read more...]

HJC RPS10 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

I want my gear to be tested and proven before I put it on and take to the road. It looks like the top brass at HJC heard me loud and clear, and I applaud their efforts to please my appetite for … [Read more...]