Bell Revolver Flip Up Helmet

Fortunately, impact testing isn’t a required aspect of RoadBike equipment tests, so I’m going to go ahead and say that the Bell logo and DOT sticker will ensure that the Revolver modular helmet from Bell will do its job.

I’m a big fan of gadgets, and the feature-rich Revolver is full of them. My favorite is the sun shade that can be quickly flipped down and back up again via the lever on the side of the helmet. This is great if you don’t like riding with sunglasses, you forget sunglasses, or if the sun magically appears on a cloudy day. The quick-release system for the visor is just that — after some practice. The first time, it took me two or three minutes to get the shield back on, but now I can do it in about 20 seconds.

Speaking of shields, Bell included a trick SolFX photochromic shield with Transitions technology with my Revolver. I feel bad for my next helmet, which may only have one tint level at a time. The SolFX ($120) doesn’t change instantaneously, but it’s quick.

Now I’ve got to mention something that didn’t work for me. The large chin bar cuts off visibility to my instruments. A bike with high-mounted gauges, perhaps in a fairing, should be fine.

The Revolver would make a great helmet for anyone who suffers from the sweats or spends multiple days on the road. Besides being quite comfortable, the entire liner is easily removable for washing. It takes awhile to get the liner back in, but it does go back together again — unlike many things in our sport!

For the price and the abundance of features, I give the Bell Revolver an overall thumbs-up. I recommend putting it on and sitting on your bike or one like it before handing over the cash, though.

Hard data: Bell Helmets, Revolver, $209.95,

By Tyler Greenblatt, Photos by Peter Lerman

Originally printed in RoadBike, August, 2011

The internal chin bar release button is easy to use.

This small trigger lowers the internal visor.


  1. I was eager to get the revolver(rally)as I’ve heard/read so many positive aspects of modular helmets in general & all the great reviews on the revolver. Upon removing it from the box I was surprised(just a bit)on the size difference as compared to my scorpion EXO-700. I did read & was aware of it but seeing them side by side is a little dramatic—–not that that’s a bad thing. The helmet is really great looking & I got complements from complete strangers. The fit for me is quite comfortable & not too tight as I’ve read & took the advise of ordering a Medium & not the small. I’m right in the grey area of the top end of a small & bottom end of a medium. The fit of this style helmet is quite different from the traditional full face. With the chin strap secure & the chin bar in the down position it feels downright roomy as compared to my scorpion.The features that were lacking in the original model namely the chin guard & click stops seem to have been retro-ed into these late model 2011’s. I was pleasantly surprised & at the price point of $99 this helmet is nothing less than a steal. The helmet is generally louder than my scorpion however If I’m not traveling too far I’m Ok with it but if out for a full days ride I’ll use ear protection just as I do with my scorpion. I did notice that when the outer shield is down there’s no sound muffling at all. My scorpion by comparison offers quite a bit. I do find it to be very stable at highway speeds to 75+ mph. There have been comments that the rear vents create lots of noise but I was able to completely block them at speed & I can say without reservation they have nothing to do with it whatsoever. The helmet is just noisier than your traditional full face models. I didn’t see any problems with the shield sealing as others commented. I did notice that if it wasn’t snapped in properly there was. All mechanicals worked just fine. All in all I’m very pleased with my new Bell. It will take a little getting used to but I really like the options it provides & really like its modular design.

  2. I also purchased the Bell Revolver helmet.It fits like a glove.It is a very nice well designed except for the chin bar.It is very hard to see your guages unless you tilt your head forward.Other than that it is well worth the bucks…….