Big Bike Parts Ultragard Classic II Cover

Some purists don’t like them, and proud owners can’t understand why anyone would want to hide their pride and joy. Still, every rider has got to admit that a bike cover sure comes in handy. Whether you use it as a shield from the elements or a deterrent to thieves, a bike cover can mean the difference between exposed/vulnerable and hidden/secure.

Big Bike Parts distributes products from Ultragard, a company known for is its line of bike covers. No matter if you’ve got a Gold Wing pavement pig or a little 100cc errand-runner, chances are Ultragard makes a cover to fit your ride, protecting it from Mother Nature as well as the eyes of bandits.

We get a wide variety of bikes around here, and no matter what I ride home, I need a cover to fit over it when I park it for the night. Large covers can get blown around by the wind (or away completely — ask me how I know), while tiny covers aren’t much good at protecting a huge bagger. I needed a one-size-fits-all cover (from an Ultra Classic down to a Rebel), so the nice folks at Big Bike Parts hooked me up with their Ultragard Classic II in bagger size.

The lower heat shield protects the cover from hot pipes.

It’s made of tough, heavy-duty, water-resistant, polyurethane-coated polyester. It’s also UV stabilized to extend the life of the fabric and minimize fading. Double stitching, along with interlocking seams, provides durability and a watertight closure, and the SoftTek liner won’t scratch the windshield.

But my favorite feature is the scorch-resistant lower heat shield, which for the most part allows me to throw the cover on a bike immediately after parking it, without fear of material melting to the pipes, or, worse, starting a fire after I’ve walked away.

The Cruiser II comes in gray and black, or an eye-catching red and black, in bagger, touring, cruiser, street, scooter, and trike sizes. It includes a storage pouch and a five-year warranty. RB —Jon Langston

Hard Data: Ultragard Classic II Cover, From $49.95 (as reviewed, $69.95), Big Bike Parts, 714/234-3336,

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