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Testing, one two, can we turn up the lead mic and guitars a little please.


  1. Todd Autenreith says:

    Hi Bob,

    This is Todd Autenreith of the Pale Rider Bike. We met in Sturgis where you took some great photographs. I just got a copy of the article and I could not be happier. You and Laura did a super job of telling the story and showing off the features of the bike.

    Thanks again for making my dream come true.

    A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


    • This is what makes my job great Todd. Shooting bikes can be very challenging at times and even in the worst of situations, people like yourself show up, all pumped and enthused about having your bike featured in a magazine and we go to work. I love working around people with that positive vibe. It makes all the rigors of travelling and working in the field worthwhile. Thanks for bringing your cool bike out to be photographed. It was a pleasure to work with you. Bob

  2. Kevin M Hake says:

    I was wondering if anyone out there can give me some info on the Yamaha FJ 1200 when was the first built and what year was the last? Any help would really be appreciated.

    • Kevin, I’d suggest posting this query elsewhere on the site, and/or in our Forums and Facebook — b/c unfortunately, Bob Feather has moved on & is no longer w/ roadbike …
      Good luck! JonnyL