Bonus Extra – Midland XTC-300 High Definition Video Camera Review for Motorcyclists

Keep an eye out for RoadBike’s April/May 2013 issue (on sale 2/26/12) for our full test of the Midland XTC-300 high-definition video camera. In the meantime, check out these extra images and sample videos using the camera. Make sure you adjust your view to the max-allowable resolution to really compare the differences between these videos.

The first video was shot in HD, and was mounted on a Harley-Davidson Fat Bob’s handlebars. The XTC’s dynamic image stabilization tried to smooth out the bumps, but caused some scenes to appear “wavy.”

The second video is also a high-res capture, but using the helmet mount, the image is much clearer, and nicer to view.

The third video was shot on a sunny day using the medium resolution and helmet mount.

The last video was set on low res, but mounted on a tripod. In this last video, you can get a better sense of the XTC’s 170-degree wide-angle camera lens, as well as the sound quality when the video camera is not battling wind noise.

For more information, go to Midland‘s web site here.