Brammo Enertia: 2010 Electric Motorcycle of the Year

According to the Brammo website the Brammo Enertia is the 2010 electric motorcycle of the year. Our editor Steve was lucky enough to take one out for a shake down run, and agrees it’s a pretty cool electric bike. More to come about the Enertia, the Brammo company and its interesting line of electric motorcycles here on and within the pages of RoadBike magazine.

About the Enertia
Emphasizing the attributes that expose the joy of motorcycling, the Enertia eliminates features and characteristics that can cause intimidation and complexity in traditional motorcycles. Celebrating the spirit, fun and approachability of the simple, lightweight motorcycle, which has a magical place in transportation history, was a primary design goal for the Enertia. A blend of old school purist themes and new school technology, the Enertia strikes a perfect balance between the familiar and the future of motorcycling.