Candlewood Lake Loop

Man the weather changes fast around here in the north east. I was planning a ride this morning checked out my weather app and realized it was 34 degrees. Shoot it was 60 last week!? Guess i gotta get a good pair of glove liners and layer up. It’s late November, so really can’t ask for much more than a sunny day.

A few weeks ago I headed to Marcus Dairy to hang with a few friends and make a loop around Candlewood Lake. Not a real long ride, around 100 miles or so, but some great roads and nice places to eat.

My first stop was Marcus Dairy, this was a Sunday so lots of bikers were there with a wide range of machines. I always seem to see something different and interesting every time I hit up a Marcus Sunday. After talking to a few friends and walking around a bit, I hopped on 84 for a couple miles, then exited the highway and continued north on Candlewood Lake Rd. This took me to my second stop and a good place for breakfast, Down The Hatch. Located on the shore of Candlewood lake, and having beautiful views from the patio bar and seating area, its another popular hang for riders. After breakfast I continued north up and around the lake. I ended up coming back down into Danbury, and crossed over to Bethel for a late lunch at Sycamores Drive-In, good burgers. After lunch I picked up rt. 58, one of my favorite roads, headed south until I reached fairfield, rt.-15 for a couple miles, and home.

I’ll have to try this lake run again now that fall’s set in and winter’s only a degree or two away. It’s always fun to see how much different a familiar ride can be without leaves on the trees and with snow on the ground. Was a good day, and basically in my own backyard. If you’re ever in the area give the Candlewood Lake loop a run, and I’ll see ya at the Hatch.


  1. Chris Mcloughlin says:

    Hi Matt,
    I just checked out that Candlewood Lake ride on Google Maps. Looks nice. I’m about 40-50 miles away in NW Dutchess Co. On the next nice day I’ll cross RT 199, down RT 22 and pick up RT 7 somewhere.