Light Up

Scenario:  My buddies and I are riding desolate rural roads after dark with or without rain.   Tip:  Everyone uses their high beams, with only the last rider using their mirrors to check behind. … [Read more...]

A Few Tips

Hello, I just wanted to drop in a few tips I have learned riding.  #1 Light me up.  I have driving lights like a lot of riders out there but I have put them down on the crash bars for a specific … [Read more...]

Caught in the Rain

Hey Prof. Lee,  a thought from a seasoned rider........ Caught in the rain or  Follow my leader or  Dry(er) lines or  The squeegee effect   Scenario: Riding during or after rain.   Tip: Some … [Read more...]

Warm Hands

Scenario: Keeping hands warm while riding in cold weather  Tip: In order to keep my hands warmer longer I always bring my gloves in the house instead of leaving them in the saddlebags with other … [Read more...]

Rideology #63, Eat A Drink

Scenario: On a hot summer ride I want to stay hydrated. Tip: Of course I drink plenty of plain water with an occasional Gatorade to replace lost sodium. But food helps too. I pack a Tupperware … [Read more...]