Caught in the Rain

Hey Prof. Lee,  a thought from a seasoned rider……..
Caught in the rain
or  Follow my leader
or  Dry(er) lines
or  The squeegee effect
Scenario: Riding during or after rain.
Tip: Some riders don’t deviate from dead centre in their lane. During/after rain this is the slipperiest pavement. Four wheeler tire technology allows tires to dissipate a lot of pooling water, so ride in the left or right tire track of that imaginary four wheeler ahead – it’s the drier line with more grip. Four wheelers will throw their weight to the outside of a bend during cornering increasing the sqeegee effect on that side, making the right track the dryer in a left hand band & the right track in a left hander. Co-incidentally, that dryer cornering track gives you the optimum position to see through a bend too. Move between the left & right track only when your bike is upright, on a straight in readiness for the next bend.
– Will Morgan