Continental ContiRoad Attack 2

When the invitation came in to test these tires at a place called the ContiDrom Proving Grounds, I knew I had to clear my schedule. After all, any place with the word Drom in its name must be special. The Continental Tire folks hosted a handful of journalists in Celle, Germany, near Hanover, at its private test facility and let us thrash the new ContiRoad Attack 2 sport-touring tire.

The Attack 2 is but one of a family of Attack tires from Continental. And while all have similar groove geometry, the Road Attack 2 has some aspects geared directly at sport touring riders.

At first look, you’ll see the outer traction skin; the tactile micro-roughness of the tread provides fast break-in and warm-up time. Looking at the Attack 2 on the rack next to other new tires, you’ll immediately notice that it doesn’t have the glossy, new-tire
glaze the others have. Continental calls this Ready 2 Ride!

The tire uses Continental’s Black Chili compound, which consists of highly structured racing carbon for quick warm-up, grip resins for short braking distance, and silica constituents for wet traction. At the same time, improved mileage is achieved through the wear-resistant center tread area, and safety is enhanced through higher grip in the flexible shoulder area while you lean over in curves. There’s a continuous compound transition across the tire thanks to a temperature-controlled curing of the tire during the production process.

After riding the various demo bikes on road course, ContiDrom’s high-bank, water-drenched, wet traction course, and on the twisty roads of the Hartz Mountains, I have full confidence that the Road Attack 2 will provide superior traction for modern sport-touring machines. Having a minimal tire break-in period is just icing on the cake. — Steve Lita

Hard Data: Continental Tire ContiRoad Attack 2 Front $135-$165; Rear $185-210

Story as it appeared in the May 2011 issue of RoadBike.