Extending The Riding Season With Good Riding Gear

Tour Master Synergy Heated Apparel

Riding this time of year can be downright painful. Depending on where you live, the commute to work can easily dip into sub freezing temps, and longer rides can lead to unexpected encounters with rather severe weather.

I had one such encounter a couple of years ago while riding through Texas. I had ridden my ZRX down to San Antonio from Lubbock to spend New Years with some old high-school friends. The one thing you should know about riding in West Texas is that the weather is extremely volatile. It can go from 70 degrees and sunny to 25 degrees with 50mph winds. The weather stations try to stay on top of it, but with huge swings like that, conditions can be hard to predict.

As I rolled out of Lubbock, the temperature was hanging just above freezing, and it was quite foggy. We had received a bit of snow in the past week, but most of it had melted or been cleared off the roads.

The first three hours of the ride were definitely cold. A fine mist was in the air and although I stayed mostly dry, it seemed to only add to how cold it felt. A quick stop for gas and coffee in Sweetwater warmed me up, and I pointed my front tire South towards the Texas hill country.

By noon I was down in the hill country of Texas, riding the roads known as the three sisters. These roads take you through some nice Texas countryside, with sweeping turns and beautiful vistas. Their rough surface, occasional cattle guards, rock ledges, drop-offs and guardrails will have you keeping your speed in check, however. With the sun shining and being further south, I now had beautiful weather for the rest of my journey to San Antonio.

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  1. Synergy gear is junk. Never keeps me warm enough and the controller they provide is worse. I think they had a recall on this gear some time ago and it still is not something i would recommend to anyone.