Fuel Air Spark Bike Night At Molten Java Coffeehouse

Like coffee? What’s that, you’re not a fan of the peppy beverage? That’s ok, as long as you love motorcycles you’ll enjoy the  Fuel, Air Spark bike night every third Wednesday of the month at Molten Java Coffeehouse in Bethel CT.

Had a good time at last nights hang. Despite the autumn chill, a decent crowd gathered riding a wide variety of bikes. Couple guys Triumph Bonnevilles, some naked Ducatis, a classic Guzzi, adventure bikes, and big bagged tourers. Yes, a Harley or two was present despite Sparks tagline, “CT’s Bike Night For everyone who doesn’t worship exclusively at the Church of Harley”.

If you’re looking for a mid week ride destination, cruise on up to Molten Java in Bethel, they’ll be there all year long. I’ve been told classic motorcycle themed movies are shown inside if the weather’s bad. Pretty cool.

Check out Fuel Air Sparks Facebook page for details and event dates.