Get the Point

Scenario:  Approaching an intersection with a car or truck sitting in the left lane with directionals on waiting to turn.
Tip:  When I approach an intersection with a vehicle waiting to turn left  I take my left hand off the handlebars and POINT straight at the vehicle.  I continue to do this until I am even with the vehicle.  This serves a numbers of purposes
1. It makes the driver aware that I have seen him
2. It makes me easier to see and attracts his or her attention
3.  If I am riding with a group and I am leading and they see where I am pointing and most will take up the point as soon as they see what I am pointing at warning the riders behind of the danger at this intersection.
I have had drivers nod to me and acknowledge that they have seen me pointing .  I have had drivers get PO’d because I was pointing at them.  I doesn’t matter what the outcome is as long as a collision is avoided.  I would rather have someone mad at me than run over me.   And they can’t use that old excuse of  “Jeez  I just didn’t see him”
Dave Cota
Plymouth Connecticut