Give ’em Gumballs

Heading East on hwy 60 from Madison to Milwaukee I passed a state trooper backed in and hiding in a farm field driveway.  He was gunning Westbound traffic.  A mile up the road I saw a group of bikers heading at me.  As we approached I gave the leader a warning signal much like an umpire signals a home run: pointing my finger straight up and making a circular motion i.e. signaling gumballs on top of a squad car. 

Scott Noebel


  1. Shot-Group says:

    Thats cool but, that hand signal also means “gather on me”. Just flash the high beam at on coming bikers (during the day) they’ll get the message. Also, the other riders usually tap their brake lights (after they’ve passed) to express thanks.

  2. Jim Caulk says:

    We need to use the old hand signals that the truckers used to use. Make a V with your first two fingers, the back of your had forward. The V should be pointing toward the side of the road you last saw the Smokey. More than once I wished I could get a signal on my favorite twisty road that it is all clear.

  3. RayPine says:

    Did it dawn on you that the cops might have been looking for a bad guy and you just let him (the bad guy)know the cops were up ahead?