H-D Digital Tire Gauge

With the wide variety of bikes that come through the RoadBike demo fleet each year, it’s a challenge to stay on top of preride maintenance. With every model that comes through the system, we need to relearn oil level, coolant, and tire valve stem idiosyncrasies. Nothing irks me more than not being able to quickly and cleanly check a motorcycle’s tire pressure (well, almost nothing).

This Harley-Davidson digital tire pressure gauge immediately appealed to me because of its several handy features. First, the 90-degree right angle tire chuck allows for easy access to wheel valve stems. With today’s bikes having huge brake rotors, this chuck is easier to get into tight places. The gauge features a 12″ braided line and the gauge head swivels, allowing me a better view of the readout. A tough rubber jacket wraps around the sides and back of the head  to protect the gauge from damage, and I’m confident the gauge won’t be harmed if I have to lay it on the ground.

The orange (naturally) back-lit gauge display has large numerals and is easy to read any time of day. It provides accurate pressure readings in 0.50 psi increments up to 60 psi, and the scale can be changed to read psi, BAR, kg or kPa pressure by holding the main button down. Batteries are included installed, and the gauge is ready to use right out of the package. The display automatically shuts off after 15 seconds to minimize battery drain.

If you’re going to spend the time to check your tire pressure, and you should often, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars for the Harley-Davidson digital tire pressure gauge. — Steve Lita

Hard Data: Harley-Davidson, Digital Tire Pressure Gauge #75158-10, $30, www.Harley-Davidson.com

Story as it appeared in the May 2011 issue of RoadBike.