HJC RPS10 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

I want my gear to be tested and proven before I put it on and take to the road. It looks like the top brass at HJC heard me loud and clear, and I applaud their efforts to please my appetite for perfection by having Ben Spies, World SuperBike Champion, give the RPS10 a trial run for me. Very thoughtful and exactly what I was thinking. Thanks, guys. 

Proper fit is important. Think of the Goldilocks theory, not too loose, not too tight, but just right. When I slipped on the RPS, I realized the fit was good. The crown pad was comfy and the cheek pads held it in place. The helmet was super light, too, being constructed using HJCs advanced PIM fiberglass, a mix of lightweight carbon and fiberglass fused together using a pre-preg process. The RPS has a solid feel, with very little movement side to side. After riding with it for awhile, I had no neck fatigue or headache. Basically the helmet fits well and was comfortable at speed for an extended period of time.

But how well will this helmet stand up to wind? Buffeting is annoying and puts a strain on my neck and shoulders. Again, I’m glad HJC developed and tested this helmet on the track. At speed, I experienced no shake, period. HJC nailed it when it comes to aerodynamics. The view is ample, with good peripheral vision, and with the additional Pinlock fog-resistant lens insert was clear and allowed me to breathe normally. Two vents on top are adjusted by an easy-to-use toggle wheel with six positions. The front vent has a simple and easy-to-use on/off button.

A great locking mechanism keeps the helmet sealed tight and wind noise to a minimum.

With the RPS10, you’ll get a good bang for your buck. This is a race-proven lid being used by one of the top riders in MotoGP. Good looks and great performance all at a reasonable price. Nice job, and again, thanks, Ben, for the trial run.

By Matt Kopec

Originally published in RoadBike magazine, March 2011

Hard Data: HJC Helmets, RPS10 Matte Black, $360, 562/407-2186, www.HJCHelmets.com