Just Announced! HJC Sy-Max III Modular Helmets – Available Fall 2011!

The HJC Sy-Max II Helmet has been one of the best selling modular helmets in recent years, and for good reason.  Now, HJC has announced the successor to the popular helmet, the HJC Sy Max III. The new Sy Max III comes complete with all of the features that we loved about the II, along with some nice improvements as well. Following their latest trend, the new HJC Sy-Max 3 helmet now comes Bluetooth ready. A detachable panel on the left side of the helmet is made specifically to fit the Chatterbox XBi2-H, the same unit that is already available for use with the IS-Max BT and CL-Max II helmets. The Xbi2-H clips nicely into the left side of the helmet, and recesses for the speakers and wire routing make for a nice, clean installation. ( For more about this helmet visit, HJC Sy-Max III )