Honda Gold Wing Accessory Install #3: Honda Luggage Rack

In RoadBike‘s Jan/Feb 2012 issue we showed our completed project Honda Gold Wing. One of the accessories we installed was Honda’s Luggage Rack for the Wing. Here we’ll show you step-by-step how to complete this easy upgrade.

By Tricia Szulewski


1. The Honda luggage rack and hardware included in the kit.

2. Unscrew all 13 screws and lock stays that attach the inner lid to the trunk lid.

3. Disconnect the electrical harness connector and remove the inner lid.

4. Cut out the template provided with the instructions where indicated.

5. Tape the template to the lid by using the ejector pin marks as your guide. Then use a pointed object to mark the drill holes.

6. Begin drilling out the holes with a 7/23" drill bit, then use a 3/8" bit. Use a round file to smooth out the edges.

7. Feed the 6mm socket bolt through the lid, and place the rubber and metal washers over it.

8. Place the luggage rack on the screws and tighten from the inside with a 5mm Allen wrench. Leave the inner lid removed to install the armrests and trunk light.

9. Here’s the finished product – luggage rack installed.

Honda Genuine Accessories

Chrome Trunk Rack



See your local dealer


  1. Milton Garris says:

    i bought a luggage rack for my 2010 1800 goldwing but theres was no instructions in the box on how to install, what should i do i have your plan except theres no template to use.

    • I suggest heading back to your dealer to get the instruction sheet, which comes with the template. If they have another luggage rack on the shelf, they could just make you a copy.