Honda Gold Wing Accessory Install #5: Honda Trunk Inner Light

In RoadBike‘s Jan/Feb 2012 issue we showed our completed project Honda Gold Wing. One of the accessories we installed was Honda’s Inner Trunk Light for the Wing. Here we’ll show you step-by-step how to complete this easy upgrade.

By Tricia Szulewski

1. The Honda trunk inner light and harness parts.

2. With the passenger pad removed, mark the locations for the trunk light screws and use an 11/64" drill bit to drill the holes.

3. Make a bigger hole for the electrical wires to go through with a 1/2"drill bit.

4. Plug the switch harness into the light.

5. Feed the wire through the hole from the inside of the trunk to the back and install the rubber grommet.

6. Attach the light with the two screws.

7. Use the adhesive backed seals to route the wires toward the left armrest.

8. Remove the motorcycle’s harness grommet and remove it by carefully slicing it with an exacto blade.

9. Zip-tie the trunk lamp wiring along the motorcycle’s wiring harness and route it upward through the hole where the grommet was.

10. Route the trunk lamp light switch wires through the existing hole (under the area where the wires were routed in the previous step).

11. Attach the trunk inner lamp harness and the trunk lamp switch to the main harness inside the left armrest.

12. Zip-tie the main harness to the bike’s wiring behind where the passenger pad goes, and thread it through to the inner lid.

13. Connect the red two-pin connector to the motorcycle harness. (The two bullet connectors are for the vanity mirror, which is not available for the 2012.)

14. Reinstall the inner lid and armrest. Test the light to make sure it turns off even when in the “on” position when the lid is closed.

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