Honda Gold Wing Accessory Install #6: Küryakyn Cruise Pegs

In RoadBike‘s Jan/Feb 2012 issue we showed our completed project Honda Gold Wing. One of the accessories we installed was Küryakyn Cruise Pegs on the Wing. Here we’ll show you step-by-step how to complete this easy upgrade.

By Tricia Szulewski


1. The Ergo II with Dually ISO-Peg parts.

2. Separate the halves of the mount.

3. Place the rubber stop in the lower half of the mount.

4. Loosely install the mount to the engine guard with the four 1/4-20 fasteners.

5. Loosely attach the footpeg to the swing arm.

6. Insert two roll pins in the swingarm and determine the desired angle of the arm. Push the pins and swingarm into the respective holes on the mount, and tighten. The pins will be pushed into place as you tighten the clevis.

7. Tighten the peg in the arm when you determine the best angle.

8. Adjust the two set screws below the adjustable stop to fine-tune the angle.

9. Push the black end cap onto the inside footpeg mount.

10. The chrome end cap goes on the outside of the peg.

View from the rider's point of view.

11. The Ergo pegs can be swung down...

14. ... or pushed up and out of the way with your foot from a riding position.


Ergo II with Dually ISO-Pegs