Honda Gold Wing Accessory Install #7: Küryakyn Transformer Passenger Boards and Driver Floorboards

In RoadBike‘s Jan/Feb 2012 issue we showed our completed project Honda Gold Wing. Some of the accessories we installed were Kuryakyn Transformer Passenger Boards and Driver Floorboards for the Wing. Here we’ll show you step-by-step how to complete this easy upgrade.

By Tricia Szulewski


1. Remove the stock passenger floorboards with an 8mm Allen wrench.

2. Use the stock hardware to install the transformer boards. A dab of blue Loctite on the bolts can’t hurt.

3. This is what the boards look like in the down position.

4. The passenger can use her toe to lift up the arm for another place to put her feet.

5. The driver floorboards and included hardware.

6. Install the deploy hook with a 3/16" Allen wrench on the left side floorboard.

7. Remove the rubber sleeve from the shift peg. Spraying a tiny amount of WD-40 and using a small flathead screwdriver helps get it started. Then just pry it off.

8. Use a 6mm Allen wrench to remove the stock peg mounts.

9. Install the shift fork bushing halves to the shift peg. Place the two halves together over the shift peg…

10. …and tighten the four screws. Turn the screws downward before completely tightening.

11. Install the shift peg on the floorboard’s toe shift arm.

12. Slide the U-shaped section of the toe shift arm on the floorboard through the fork bushing.

13. Apply a dab of Loctite to the socket head cap screws.

14. Wrap a few pieces of electrical tape to the midsection of the shift arm (to avoid scratching), and install the floorboard with the two screws.

15. Remove the right side peg.

16. Use a 12mm wrench to remove the stock brake lever pinch bolt, then remove the lever.

17. Slide the Küryakyn brake lever onto the splined shaft and tighten with the stock pinch bolt. Keep the shaft from pushing into the brake slave cylinder, which may cause damage if forced.

18. Install the deploy hook on the right-side floorboard.

19. Apply blue Loctite to the remaining screws and install the floorboard.

20. The Küryakyn floorboards sure look a lot nicer than the stockers.

21. Even in the up position they add some bling.

22. Here you can see what they all look like down, with the Transformer arm adjusted upward.


Driver Floorboard Kit




Transformer Passenger Floorboards