Honda Gold Wing Install: 12V DC Accessory Socket

In RoadBike‘s Nov./Dec. 2011 issue, we show you how to install a 12V socket on a 2012 Honda Gold Wing. In case you missed it, here are all the steps to do the job.

By Tricia Szulewski

1. The storage compartment in the left fairing is a perfect place for the 12v socket.

2. Remove the pocket by first popping out the four rivets. Save them for reinstallation.

3. The cowl trim molding also just pops out.

4. Now you can remove the pocket.

5. This must be a common installation because Honda provides crosshairs for the drill hole.

6. Using a 30mm holesaw bit, drill the hole for the socket.

7. Use a rounded file to smooth the edges.

8. Route the socket harness connector through the hole.

9. Feed the metal nut through the harness and screw it on to affix the socket to the pocket.

10. Find the red pin connector inside the fairing…

11. …and connect the accessory socket harness to it.

12. Push the harness back into the bike and reinstall the fairing pocket.

13. Turn the bike’s ignition on.

14. I test the socket by plugging in a camera battery charger.

15. The pocket is pretty water-tight, but the 12v accessory socket has a waterproof cap for added security.

Honda Genuine Accessories

12V DC Accessory Socket Kit, $36.95

See your local dealer


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