Honda Unveils New Gold Wing

Long acknowledged as the gold standard in two-up motorcycling, upgrades to the 2012 Honda GL line further establish the Gold Wing legacy. In addition to the bike’s renowned powerful-yet-refined drivetrain and surprisingly manageable handling, the 2012 Gold Wing boasts updated styling, increased luggage capacity, greater rider protection, and revised suspension. Further, optional packages for navigation, ABS, and an airbag enhance the Gold Wing’s reputation as one of the finest touring machines on the road.

The first thing you notice on the 2012 Gold Wing is its sportier appearance. A redesigned snub-nose fairing, updated instrumentation, and reshaped taillight are only part of the new look. The wheels are now clear-coated, and larger saddlebags add nearly seven liters of additional storage space, upping the total capacity to well over 150 liters.

In the cockpit, the sophisticated yet user-friendly electronics make it clear that this ain’t your daddy’s Gold Wing. A built-in six-speaker surround-sound audio system with MP3/iPod interface includes optional XM satellite radio (including XM NavTraffic and XM NavWeather). Further, you can access the next-generation Honda Navi GPS online, allowing you to share routes with other riders. It features a quicker satellite connection, 3-D terrain view, lane assist with junction view, US and Canada maps (with points of interest), voice prompting through headsets or speakers, and easy-to-use handlebar and fairing-mounted controls.

Other available touring amenities include tire pressure monitoring, cold-weather comfort package (with heated grips, heated seat/backrest, and a foot-warming system), cockpit headlight adjustment, and a 6.6-gallon fuel tank. MSRP $23,199.  

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  1. Would be nice if the the two tone paint matched. The front fairing is one color and the bottom of the hard bags is another. Almost looks like Honda is trying to look like the Victory Vision.

  2. I will wait, to pass judgement. I am a loyal Gold Wing rider. I have and always will be in awe, of this machine. At present, I’m not thrilled with the visual changes, but I want to see the bike in person, to make anymore decissions on the color changes. I think the tech improvements sound reasonable, but again, I want to see this new 1800 up close and personal. I now own a beautiful 2002 Sunburst Pearl Orange. I simply love it. The price tag for this machine is not too over powering, but getting a new one right now, in this econemy isn’t going to happen. My only regrets, as far as Honda is concerned, is the loss of our beloved Marysville, Ohio Plant. It was wonderful to say, “my bike was born, in Ohio”.
    In closing, I would like to suggest that the Honda Corp listen to it’s customers much more than you are doing now. Aftrall, we are your future. We, are the ones buying and riding this machine!