Kali Naza Carbon Motorcycle Helmet Review

Since just after the leather helmet era, helmet manufacturers have been using the standard method of spot-gluing an EPS foam liner into the helmet’s shell. Unfortunately, that method results in air gaps and inefficient transfer of energy. The composite fusion method, where there’s a tight bond between the shell and the energy absorbing liner, is better. Kali Protectives takes it a step further, and you, the rider, reap the benefits in weight savings, strength, and safety.

Kali’s NAZA carbon helmet utilizes composite fusion plus technology, wherein the carbon/kevlar/fiberglass tri-weave outer shell has a special impact-absorbing foam mechanically bonded to the inside of the helmet shell. The EPS foam liner incorporates a Contego foam design, using geometric shapes of different densities inside the foam. The distinctive pyramid shapes collapse first, thereby directing the energy sideways within the foam, instead of linearly down to your head. This spreads the impact load over a greater area, allowing Kali to use softer density foam next to your head for comfort. Results? A more efficient, thinner foam, superiorly bonded to a lightweight shell that dissipates energy better and weighs in at a mere 3 pounds, 2.5 ounces.

The NAZA carbon helmet has a sport-touring shape and two shell sizes. Dual-density cheek pads are super soft, and the liner is antibacterial and washable. The integrated ventilation system has a large port on the top and the chin bar vent has an internal closure that’s easily accessible even when the NAZA is worn. A conventional double D-ring fastener is used on the chin strap and the face shield is designed to be antiscratch and antifog. The NAZA is DOT-certified and comes with a five-year warranty. A super deluxe storage/travel bag is included.

Product Evaluation by Steve Lita

Hard Data: Kali, NAZA, $369, 408/778-2700, www.KaliProtectives.com


  1. Hi Steve
    I read your review with interest but I would appreciate if you could advise me how has this helmet performed in terms of noise factor?
    Also have Kali come up with a newer version or improvements recently?
    Many thansk and looking forward to your comments…

  2. mark lang says:

    I too would like to know how this helmet was to live with.
    Did it damp out wind noise?
    Did it go on and off without hurting your ears?
    Was it stable in the wind?
    Did it appear to be well made with good fit and finish?
    Thank you in advance.