Knox Biomech Motorcycle Gloves

I don’t usually go for gimmicky things. I don’t need to have the latest trick of the week; I’d rather stick with the tried and true. So to be honest, when I first spied the lacing knob on the cuff of these Knox gloves, I thought to myself, “Oh, great! Knobs to fumble with and cables to break. Count me out!” But after taking these Biomech gloves for more than a handful of test rides, I’m hooked.

First off, the Biomech is feature filled to protect your hands in a spill. It has strong, tear-resistant kangaroo leather on the palm and fingers, and it has drum-dyed Aniline leather on the remaining surfaces, all sewn with high-tensile polyester thread. On the palm, the Sport Scaphoid protection system is enhanced by an additional inner cuff slider intended to create a sliding effect on pavement instead of allowing your palm to dig in and send you tumbling. The opaque, exoskeleton knuckle protector contains a soft, impact-absorbent, honeycomb gel, which can be seen through the knuckle guard, and the small metapod on the back of the hand houses the same gel. And don’t worry, if the Biomech is too racy for you, try its more sedate-looking brethren, the Recon or Zero models.

The Boa lacing system (originally designed for footwear) is my new favorite way to cinch up gloves. It works to draw the gauntlet side flaps over the wrist with an adjustable knob closure. It’s easily tightened; just snap the knob down and dial in the right amount of torque for your taste. To release, simply pull the dial up and the cables give slack. Think ratchet wrench; it sounds like one, too. My worries about cable failure were unfounded; as these have seven strands of woven aircraft-grade stainless steel wire surrounded by 12 more strands of stainless steel, jacketed with a polymer to provide a smooth, abrasion-resistant, low-friction coating. Using the Knox Boa system has made me loathe Velcro. —Steve Lita

Hard Data: Knox, Biomech Gloves, $200, 888/611-5669,

Story as published in the January/February issue of RoadBike.


  1. What a great idea, I like the Boa lacing system.