Leader DeluxeCAM Camera Mount Kit

Recording a video of a ride is getting more and more popular. Here at RoadBike, we’ve taken to adding video to our web site to liven it up a little, while you may just want to share the fun with friends and family. There’s no need to buy dedicated action-adventure camera gear anymore when a common flip cam from your local electronics superstore will do fine.

Now there’s a way to securely mount any camera to your bike. If your camera can be screwed on a tripod, it can be attached to DeluxeCAM. It allows you to mount your camera where you can easily reach it and angle it to catch the action. It’s easy to install, and comes with the hex key tools necessary to attach it to either the handlebar or engine guard bars. The eCaddy Deluxe bracket features a multifaceted lug. The 12-sided dodecagon (bet you haven’t seen that word since high school) slides into the eCaddy handlebar bracket and is locked in place with an slender Allen screw that installs crosswise after sliding the plate in.

Moving up from there, the PanaVise camera stand has adjustable swivel ball joints at each end. There are four height choices; we selected the standard 6″ model. At first, I had a bit of vibration that blured the video. Seems there’s a gap between the dodecagon and the slot. I surmised it was because I ordered the black-anodized version instead of chrome. Chrome plating might build up material on the lug and take up the slack. I remedied the situation by installing a piece of a larger diameter rubber O-ring in the slot, thereby absorbing most of the stem’s wobbling. Now I just thread the camera on the post and hit record. The Leader DeluxeCam mount is attractive, heavy-duty, and purpose-built for motorcycles.

HARD DATA: Leader, DeluxeCAM Camera Mount Kit, $120, 763/535-1440, www.LeaderMotorcycle.com

By Steve Lita, Photos By Tricia Szulewski

Originally printed in RoadBike, August 2011