Light Up

Scenario:  My buddies and I are riding desolate rural roads after dark with or without rain.
Tip:  Everyone uses their high beams, with only the last rider using their mirrors to check behind. Everyone in front tilts their mirrors so that they are not blinded by the following riders, and we all can see the road ahead much more clearly with our combined lighting. In addition, the lead rider is either:  1- the rider most familiar with the route, and/or 2- the rider with the brightest headlight. My buddy and I rode through a horrific rainstorm in the Adirondacks last summer using this trick, and it worked very well. Obviously, this won’t win you any friends in a populated area, but for our desolate wilderness highways, it really increases your sight distance and especially the width of your lighting onto the shoulders of the road where the whitetail deer like to hide.
Scott Severance