Motorcycle Kickstart Classic Cafe Racer Project Weeks 3 and 4

Just another long night in the cave.

Sorry for the delayed post, but the last two weeks have been a blur, to say the least. Felt more like one long, long night.

The bike’s just about ready now. Still have a couple of things to button up, but a shake down run is scheduled for tomorrow, ready or not.

Most of week 3 and 4 were devoted to getting the bike running well, and most of that time was spent on the carbs. Must have had them on and off the bike 4 or 5 times.

After I got the bike running, we found a small vacuum leak where cylinder number 2 and the carb connect, so, the carbs, of course, had to come off. I replaced the o rings and the leak was gone. So that hopefully, will be the last time these carbs have to be removed before or during this trip. Fingers crossed.

I decided at the end of week 2 to paint the tank. Wasn’t sure if I should with such a tight deadline, but my buddy promised me we’ll have it done in 2 days, tops!

I spent most of the morning on day 1, sanding and prepping the tank, the grunt work, and after that I let my buddy, Dirk, step in and go to town.

We went with a flat black base, and at the end of the day 1 the tank had a nice even coat of flat black.

After the tank dried over night Dirk taped off side panels. He laid down a base of off white, let it dry for a few hours then laid on the orange, leaving a half inch off white border. Nice touch.

Gotta say, I’m really impressed with the rattle can spray job he did. Amazing what you can do with a can of $10 spray paint when ya know what you’re doing. Came out great! Oh and yeah, he got it done in 2 days, man of his word.

After the bike was reassembled, and fired, I rode it up to a shop Ansonia CT, Valley Motorsports, and let Art give it the once over. I just wanted to make sure I had everything buttoned up and the bike was running as well as it could. Good thing I did, Art found a blockage in one carb, and freed it up. He then adjusted the air fuel mixture and got the bike to idle nice and smooth. The guy knows these bikes like the back of his hand. Very cool.

Art recommended I attach an inline fuel filter to help prevent further blockages, and clean the tank out best I could.

The bikes  running pretty good, about as good as I can get it to run in a month without spending tons of cash and rebuilding the entire engine.

It’s go time! In just about 2 days I’m hitting the road with the CB and heading south. I’ve got a 2000 mile round trip adventure ahead of me and I cant wait!

Hope to see you on the Motorcycle Kickstart Classic ride leaving Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley NC, Wednesday, October 5th, and ending at the the Barber Vintage Festival, in Leeds, Alabama.

Keep an eye out for me and my CB, come over and say hi. You’ll recognize the bike from the pictures, I’ll be the exhausted looking guy standing next to it.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me along in the past month, its truly appreciated. It’s been a great learning experience and adventure already.

More Photos of the finished bike and Kickstart Classic ride to come.

Ride safe!

Click here for Week 1, Click here for Week 2

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    1st time I’ve seen your mag. , great! Jerry