Comments on: Motorcycle Product Review: Helmet Of The Month Schuberth S2 Rides and Culture Tue, 01 Sep 2015 15:52:57 +0000 hourly 1 By: Steve Tue, 19 Feb 2013 15:37:27 +0000 Schuberth announces Ariel Krawczyk has joined Schuberth North America as the Special Events Coordinator.
“We are proud to add Ariel to our team of high caliber professionals representing the prestigious Schuberth brand,” reports Randy Northrup, Schuberth North America’s Vice President. “Ariel is extremely knowledgeable about our products and customers and will be a great support to our dealer network.”
In her new role, Ariel will be roving the country with the Schuberth Event Van, supporting and training dealers and displaying Schuberth products at consumer events. She is an avid motorcyclist and adventure tourer, previously on staff with MotoQuest where she worked closely with Schuberth as a strategic partner. This natural transition of skills and knowledge make her an asset to the Schuberth North America team from the start.
“I’ve had enthusiasm for the brand from the first moment I slipped on a C3,” says Ariel. “The more I learn about the engineering and quality control that goes into the production of Schuberth helmets, the more excited I am to represent such a great company.”

Consumers can see the Schuberth line in person at the following events;
2-3 – Moto Euro, Lynnwood, WA
9 – Go AZ Motorcycles Schuberth Event, Scottsdale, AZ
23 – Moto Liberty Open House, San Antonio, TX
11-13 – Montgomery Cycle Center Spring Kick Off, Hatfield, PA
27 – Bob’s BMW Spring Open House, Jessup, MD
17 – Morton’s BMW Spring Fling Rally, Shenandoah Valley, VA
4-8 – Americade, Lake George, NY
20-23 – BMW RA Rally, Ashville, NC
18-20 – BMW MOA Rally, Salem, OR
16-20 – AIME Expo, Orlando, FL

By: Manny Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:47:15 +0000 Got my hands on a S2 this summer and have about a thousand miles on it now. First positive impression was out of the box… no flimsey paper-cloth liner bag, but a padded, quilted, styled helmet bag swaddling the bucket. The company is aware of the value of this lid, and treats it appropriately. Second thing… weight, or lack therefore of. This lid is light on the noggin, where mere ounces make the difference between comfort and a post ride crooked neck. Next thing was finish… quality construction all around. Next was features… as Sara went through all the little well designed knick-knacks and appropriately designed farkles for wind protection, my ADHD was banging on all cylinders. It took 500 miles for me to remember the clevelry designed little liner flaps that help keep out the cold weather… but I live in Texas. Once found and easily flipped back from coveriing the internal vent holes, the helmet moved air well and efficiently. The chin vent, when open, pushes so much air that a full-on butterfly whose last image was my pretty face at 80 just about got pushed all the way through to finish its final journey as an horderve to my hill-country bbq. Fit with helmets is always a tricky thing, either your head is close to the shape of model head they use in design, or its not. So I always say either the rider fits the helmet or not, as opposed to the opposite. For me, the lid fits very well, except for a little extra pressure right on the forehead that gives me a numb spot after longer stints. This is actually a scenario I’ve felt on many new high-end skid-lids I’ve owned, leading me to believe that my forehead’s got a funky bump on it. But in the 1000 miles I’ve got under this head hat, that spot’s broken in nicely, and I suspect if necessary a tiny bit of cue-ball manipulation could create the extra space my deformed caveman brow requires (not a recomended procedure by any helmet oem). If I had to complain at gun point, my only note on this cranium cover might be wind noise levels. It’s a tad bit loud at 80-ish on a naked bike. But I wear ear plugs, I opt not to use the included chin-skirt becuse I ride in Texas where temperature management is prioirity, it’s no noisier than another premium full-face lid I have from a Japanese manufacturer, and any helmet I’ve ever worn that’s so quiet I can comfortable shirk the ear plugs tends to weigh so much you feel like a perpetual motion bobble-head doll when wearing it. I like this lid. I feel confident in the design and safety features, and the little flip down sun glasses are fun to play with and provide great sun protection in a pinch. I have lots of active helmets I choose from each ride. Gonna keep this one and wear it a lot. Even if I have to use a cue-ball to push down the cro-mag bump on my forehead a bit.