Motorcycles In Movies, RoboCops New Ride

Once again the remaking of a classic 80’s film is in the works. RoboCop, a half man half machine officer of the law, patrolling the dirty streets of Detroit is a movie that hits on all sci-fi cylinders. This movie’s fun, action packed, and originally had everything a good superhero film needs except one important thing, a signature ride. Batman has the Batmobile, Green Hornet has Black Beauty, but RoboCop had a run of the mill Ford police cruiser. So Jose Padilha the man behind this robo-remake did what any sensible film maker would do, they put this modern-day cyborg on a badass motorcycle.

Here’s a look at the new RoboCop motorcycle, and movie trailer. Write a comment, let us know what you think and what other movie bikes you like? This movies due to release in February, 2014.