New Bike News 2011: Moto Guzzi

The world-class Moto Guzzi Norge is enhancing its Gran Turismo reputation in 2011 with an updated version called the Norge GT 8V. This acronym not only emphasizes the development of the four-valve-per-cylinder engine — the same 1150cc powerplant that drives the Griso and Stelvio — but also introduces substantial new components and finishes. With its six-gallon tank, shaft drive, and six-speed transmission, we can think of fewer bikes we’d rather tour aboard.

The improved engine promises over 100 HP with a torque rating of 81 ft.-lbs. at 5800 rpm. This increased performance is balanced by the development of a new suspension and improved hydraulic response. The Norge is also equipped with a new, more efficient exhaust system, and the fairing has been redesigned not only to increase the protection, but with new molded intakes and extractors the fairing improves engine cooling. The revised dashboard features an easy-to-read instrument panel, now positioned closer to the rider’s eyes.

Last but not least, the Norge GT 8V also offers a convenient 12-volt external outlet, large under-seat storage space, heated hand grips, adjustable suspension, and built-in passenger grab handles.

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  1. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  2. emil merrick says:

    So, is the Norge here in the states? is there a road test in the works, especially for two up? And is there a dealer network with the great warranty (replacement bike if problems cannot be corrected within twenty four hours)? I would buy one (should have bought one when we lived over there).

  3. The Norge has been here, Emil – the 8V is just a new version for ’11 w/ the updates listed above (engine, etc).
    As far as the warranty, you’d have to check w/ your MG dealer –

    Thanks for the props, P.A.! Stay tuned for constant updates. And be sure to check us out on the newsstand.

  4. M-G warranty is two years unlimited mileage plus 24 hour roadside assistance. I believe that M-G is currently trying to beef up its US dealer net. They recently added some new dealerships in FL. I have heard that the Norge has an excellent reputation for reliability. Its nearest competitor would be the BMW R1200RT, which is a few thousand dollars more than the Norge, but has more features such as electronic cruise control and electronic suspension adjustment, and a three year warranty. Take your pick.