On Our Way

Welcome to my blog!

Thanks to our my cohort, Matt Kopec, RoadBike is finally riding into the 21st century on the web! And he’s been so kind to give the few of us who reside monthly on the magazine’s masthead a space here on our new and improved web site: our own blog spaces; a term I’m still not really accustomed to. But I’m always open to suggestions on how to improve. Please feel free to comment, and let me know how I’m doing, and how I can further entertain and educate my faithful RoadBike readers (that’s you!).

It just so happens to be just one day before I set out on my summer’s two-wheeled adventure to the 2010 International Women Rider’s Congress and Festival in Huntsville, Ontario. I’ll be testing the Aprilia Mana GT’s long distance woe’s and woo-hoo’s as I ride from my home in Bethel, CT to the conference, north of Toronto. Tomorrow, August 11th, is the first leg of my trip, and I’m heading west on Route 17 through New York State, also known as the Southern Tier Parkway. Some of you may remember that this was the route Steve and I took a couple years ago on our Iron Butt ride to get some Buffalo Chicken Wings for lunch. I’m originally from the area, and will be able to visit with some family for the night. Grandma’s already giving me some flack for the short length of my stay. But I’ll need to head up to Ontario on Thursday morning, so I can check into the Deerhurst Resort and meet up with the organizers. I’m also looking forward to visiting with a couple RoadBike contributors and our prior editor, Jessica Prokup.

The IWC shows a jam packed schedule including seminars on all kinds of moto-related topics, as well as demo rides, area tours, and skills challenges. I am looking forward to exploring a part of this continent that I’ve never been to before. I hope the Aprilia does me right. It’s a semi-automatic, so I can keep it on “Auto” and just listing to my tunes and cruise without worrying about anything, or kick it into Sport Gear and use the paddle shifter to work the tranny. Let’s just hope I don’t run into problems at customs with a press bike….

I’ll be reporting on the IWC in our November issue (on sale 9/28) and will have a full bike review of the Mana in the January issue. But since you already found me here, I’ll give you a sneak peek pic.

I hope you like the new site. Be sure to send Matt your suggestions and comments, so we can keep delivering the goods.