Rideology #63, Eat A Drink

Scenario: On a hot summer ride I want to stay hydrated.

Tip: Of course I drink plenty of plain water with an occasional Gatorade to replace lost sodium. But food helps too. I pack a Tupperware container or two with a snack of grapes, sliced kiwi, grapefruit, or watermelon. They all have high water content and a nice balance of minerals too. Celery and cucumber are also great hydrating snacks. I also make sure to eat before I go out for a long hot ride. The food absorbs fluids and slows dehydration.


  1. Rideology:
    Here’s one I was taught a long time ago. It’s called “masking”. When you ride in congested traffic in town, watch the cars around you. When you have cars making sudden turns into or acrossed your lanes, use the car next to you to “mask” your bike. By masking, I mean stay beside and just forward enough you’re not in the blind spot, but so that a car suddenly turning will have to hit the car next to you as well. They might not see you, but they can’t miss the car right beside you.

    It works, especially with all the 4 wheeled drivers yakking or texting on thier cell phones. Cell phone drivers scare the beejesus out of me!

  2. John I haven’t seen or heard that expression since the 50/60’s. You arn’t that old. But I like your advice. It has been about ten years since I’ve owned a bike. Just this month I picked up a bike and happy to get reminders of things to protect yourself. My current ride is a 2008 Vstar 1100CC Custom. Very happy with the ride and power. I’m still getting use to riding again and my mind tells me I’ve done this many times before. In truth It has been a while and find I’m making mistakes I’d never make ten years ago. Keep telling myself take it slow old man.