Rolling Thru Maine on Friday

Just returned from my Rolling Thru Maine tour. We Started out in the rain Friday morning, but after  breakfast the weather let up a bit and we were on our way.

We meandered our way around finger like peninsulas stopping at a couple of classic Maine lighthouses, lunch was at the Lobster Pound Restaurant followed by a fog covered misty stop in Camden Hills State park. It was a full day of riding.

Have to thank Christian and his staff for the good food and a fun time at Byrnes Irish Pub Friday night, was a good day.

For part two of this tour, Saturday In Maine, click here.


  1. Hi Matt c u made it back safe. Amanda and i had a great time in Maine despite my bikes starting issue, which turns out to be the start relay. figured it out in three minutes. Amanda has a few pic’s of you in Maine, send me your e mail address I’ll have her send them to you . It was a pleasure meeting & riding with ya. Talk to you soon. Keep it upright & two wheels down!

  2. gerald Day says:

    Your ride through Maine was in my back yard. Actually the day after Sunday Four of us my nephew Peter and my next door neighbor John on their Harleys and I on my 1100CC Star Custom. Headed east on route three to south China where we meet with Peters friend Scott on his Harley. We continued east on 3 until we and reached the intersection of Rt. 1 and 3 where we took a short break to stretch and we decided to go south on one to Lincolnville where you had your lunch. We watch the ocean for a few minutes and checked each other’s rides. Peter’s HD Night train is very nice and has just the right amount of chrome to offset the black. John’s and Scotts bikes are customized just enough set them apart from the crowd. My Star custom has some added chrome and grips and mirrors.
    While we were there a young Asian man who rode up on a mountain bike and started taking pictures of the bikes. As he moved up the bikes he zeroed in on Peters Night train and asked if he could have his picture taken on the bike. Peter let him set on the bike and took a picture and then one with his hands on the handle bars. He got back on his bike and paddled off into the sunset.
    From there we went to Camden, It took almost an hour to get through there. Then on south to Rockland and Duncan Donuts and took a break. It was such a nice ride we decided to continue on RT 1 S to Thomaston until we got to the turnoff to Bar Harbor where we ran into traffic again until we reached Wiscasset and took a break after crossing the bridge. Inching along our pipes got warm and so did our legs. We broke for about twenty minutes talked and waited for traffic to lighten up then we headed out of town and picked up Rt 27 north to Randolph then RT 9 north to Augusta and home.
    Yes a great day and ride.