Shoei Neotec Motorcycle Helmet: The Most Versatile Flip Up Helmet!

The New Shoei Neotec Helmet has just been released in Europe. The Shoei Neotec is not officially announced for US sale yet, but we think it will be available in early 2012. As with all modular helmets the Neotec will be a DOT certified helmet and come with some great upgrades over the multitec. Considering the the upgrades we expect the Shoei Neotec to come in slightly above the multitec in pricing. We will have a complete Shoei Neotec Helmet review to be coming soon and we will do an indepth comparison of the Shoei Neotec vs. Shoei Multitec once we have them in our hands. The Neotec will not be a replacement for the Multitec, just another option along side it.

Features include:

• New Internal Sun visor with no sacrifice in safety

• 270% improved ventilation compared to the Multitec

• 100% stainless steel Micro Ratched System ( replaces d-ring )

• AIM 5-ply shock absorbent fiber shell

• Multi-Density EPS liner

• New Fully Removable interior ( multitec is not )

• New optimized vent design for the Neotec Helmet

• Smart Flip Chin bar, that shuts flush and is easy opening

• 3 different size shells

• 3 D comfort liner provides a better fit vs. the multitec

• Ear pads to reduce the internal noise

• Includes a breath guard and a chin curtain

• Integrated spoiler

• Integrated “Vortex Generator” provides active noise cancelling

For mor information about this helmet visit Competition Accessories.