Blue Collar Bobber Motorcycle Build – Part 5

Wrap It Up  By Steve Lita Well, this about wraps up our Blue Collar Bobbers Bike Build project (for now). If you’ve methodically worked your way through this month’s issue, you’ve already seen the … [Read more...]

Blue Collar Bobber Motorcycle Build – Part 4

Drag It Out By Steve Lita We’re nearing the home stretch, folks. Next month, we’ll show the final steps of our Honda Shadow’s transformation from blah to bobbed. April RoadBike will showcase … [Read more...]

Blue Collar Motorcycle Bobber Build – Part 2

Seat Time By Steve Lita If you caught last month’s installment of our Blue Collar Bobber Honda Shadow build, you’ll remember that it was more of a removal than an install, as right off the bat I … [Read more...]