Green Dot Roads, New Jersey To North Carolina

The concept of the journey has nearly vanished from contemporary life. To “embark upon a journey” sounds archaic; instead, these days we “take a trip” and just want to “get there.” And if, God forbid, … [Read more...]

2010 BMW R 1200 GS

Several years ago, while attending a press launch for an unspecified brand motorcycle, I don’t even remember what brand motorcycle it was, I had a verbal run in with another moto-journalist. We were … [Read more...]

2009 BMW F 650 GS

The bikes in BMW’s GS line all share a common trait: They’re ready for adventure. The smallest and cheapest dual-sport is the G 650 GS single, followed by this one, which dons a F 650 GS badge, but … [Read more...]