Touring Central Italy on a BMW F 800 R

Time Traveling: Riding Through The Millennia text and photos by Tricia Szulewski Check out our short video of Tricia's tour. Of all the European countries to visit, Italy had always been at the … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Tour of Ecuador With Freedom Bike Rental

Free·dom — noun /frē-dəm/ 1: The quality or state of being free: as a) the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action; b) liberation from slavery or restraint; independence … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Road Trip Americade 2012

In 1983, Bill Dutcher decided to throw a little party. He organized a motorcycle rally in Lake George, New York, and called it Aspencade East. It was hosted by a local ranch/resort, and a modest … [Read more...]

A New Self-Guided Motorcycling and Surfing Adventure in Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador - October 3, 2012: Just imagine leaving the high altitude, 16th century UNESCO World Heritage city of Quito, surrounded by active volcanoes on a fully equipped, dual-sport motorcycle … [Read more...]

Kickstart Classic Motorcycle Tour & Barber Vintage Fest

It’s going to be hard for me not to gush in this story — given this magazine was one of the main sponsors — and not sound like I’m exaggerating, but this was a flat-out awesome event! Or, rather, they … [Read more...]

Green Dot Roads, New Jersey To North Carolina

The concept of the journey has nearly vanished from contemporary life. To “embark upon a journey” sounds archaic; instead, these days we “take a trip” and just want to “get there.” And if, God forbid, … [Read more...]

Mainely Coasting Mid-Coastal Maine

Here in New England, we only get a few months of warm, sunny weather each summer. And out of those months, I’m lucky to have a few weekends free to satisfy my own selfish desires. My two favorite … [Read more...]

Southern Hospitality – Motorcycle Tour of Roanoke Valley, Virginia

By Pamela Collins, Photos by Pamela Collins and Joe Knezevic Rolling It Out Along The Blue Ridge  Formal invitations usually aren’t necessary for motorcyclists. Just knowing that a destination … [Read more...]

International Escape to Nova Scotia Canada

The words flow off the tongue, lyrical and ethereal: Nova Scotia. Ignore for a moment that the name translates (quite literally) to New Scotland; to a kid from California, the name sounds so exotic it … [Read more...]

New England Motorcycle Tour, Rolling Thru Maine

Last summer, our esteemed editor and resident fast-food guru Steve Lita asked if I’d be interested in heading north for the weekend and participating in Rolling Thru America’s Maine tour, aptly named … [Read more...]