Submit a tour article to Motorcycle magazine

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New Motorcycle Travel Center in the Middle of the World

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental and Motorcycle Tours announced today that they have opened a new “Adventure Motorcycle Travel Center” in the middle of planet Earth – near the Equator in Quito, … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Tour, Rolling Thru Maine Bonus Extras

You may have read all about my adventure with the Rolling Thru America crew in the June issue of RoadBike. Limited by page count it's hard to show all the photos you'd like, and have to pick a few to … [Read more...]

Rolling Thru Maine on Friday

Just returned from my Rolling Thru Maine tour. We Started out in the rain Friday morning, but after  breakfast the weather let up a bit and we were on our way. We meandered our way around finger … [Read more...]

Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada, Part I

As the plane began its final descent, the Great Plains disappeared into the shimmering horizon behind me, while in front, the gleaming white peaks of the Rocky Mountains soared ever higher. The sky … [Read more...]