Red Dragon: Compromise Is Not An Option

2006 Yamaha Warrior Back in the day, there was a brand of firecracker called Red Dragon. And for a kid in suburbia, if you (or, in my case, your big brother) managed to get your 10-year-old hands … [Read more...]

New Bike Evaluation: 2012 Star Stratoliner Deluxe

When an artist performs so spectacularly that he’s called out on stage to please the crowd again, it’s called an encore. It’s the same artist, doing what he’s famous for, but the crowd can’t get … [Read more...]

2011 Star Stryker Motorcycle Review

Love Struck, Baby - Star’s New Midsized Custom Cruiser Strikes The Right Chord Despite initial press reports criticizing the late bloom for the raked-out, chopperesque Star Raider, its radical … [Read more...]

BONUS EXTRAS – 2011 Star Stryker

For our full review of the new Star Stryker, order RoadBike's Jan/Feb issue. Or click here to read it online. Correction to the printed specs: The final drive, as mentioned in the main text, is a … [Read more...]

FIRST LOOK – 2011 Star Stryker

The new Star Stryker  with a 1300cc powerplant, sports the same mean looks of it's big brother Raider, but with a much more affordable pricetag. $10,990 for the Raven, $11,240 for blue or red. Check … [Read more...]

All Star Jam – Woodstock, Cooperstown & Americade

Baseball, Rock & Roll, and Motorcycles By Jon Langston, photos by Matt Kopec and Jon Langston (and Mike Krager, and Joe Knezevic. And some lady in the parking lot. Oh, and that guy on the street … [Read more...]