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Finally found time to check your site. Just finalized the S Africa trip I figure it would have cost me 11K nice downpayment on a new ride! Too much to take the bride for sure. I chose the R1200 R 12 days of riding nimble lots of air and the GS is too tall and heavy.

Leave end of Jan . Out for a ride this weekend last of the fall colours will take LT as local BMW is sponsoring the trip.

Any more trips for you ? can you wheedle S Africa ?????? would be a blast . Been in touch with Al Kate’s dad he came home cancelled his order for a new GS and bought a Duc multistrada put 1500 miles on it already .I’m hoping to hook up with him in the spring for a toot .

BMW RALLY IS IN bLOOMSBURG PA.mid July great event might interest riders .Also Friday the 13th rally in Port Dover can be found by googling pd13rally portdaoverontario