Victory In India?

Victory Motorcycles will likely be sold in India next year, according to several published reports. A formal launch is expected during the second half of next year.

According to Indian publication Business Standard, the company is close to completing its industry analysis of the country and plans to introduce models for sale in 2012.

Victory plans to participate in the 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi to showcase its bikes, and it looks to import before building an assembly plant in the country.

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  1. Tom Boukidis says:

    Enjoyed your article entitled “All Star Jam – Woodstock, Cooperstown & Americade”.
    Please tell me the location of the diner. Looks like a fun place to stop and eat. Thanks.


    • Hey, thanks! Always nice to hear that from readers.

      That is the Martindale Chief Diner, Tom – just off the gorgeous Taconic Parkway at Route 23 in Craryville, NY.
      The grilled cheese was great, but here’s the kicker: We overheard the people in the booth behind us talking about the Bubble-Boy episode of “Seinfeld” – one of the guys swore up & down that this was the EXACT diner where Jerry & Elaine stopped, where Jerry signed the picture of himself, then didn’t like what he wrote & wanted it back, but the waitress wouldn’t give it to him. Remember?

      Then they asked the waitress, who neither confirmed nor denied it – but wished aloud she’d had a nickel for every time someone asked her that question …