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That is the Martindale Chief Diner, Tom – just off the gorgeous Taconic Parkway at Route 23 in Craryville, NY.
The grilled cheese was great, but here’s the kicker: We overheard the people in the booth behind us talking about the Bubble-Boy episode of “Seinfeld” – one of the guys swore up & down that this was the EXACT diner where Jerry & Elaine stopped, where Jerry signed the picture of himself, then didn’t like what he wrote & wanted it back, but the waitress wouldn’t give it to him. Remember?

Then they asked the waitress, who neither confirmed nor denied it – but wished aloud she’d had a nickel for every time someone asked her that question …

By: Tom Boukidis Fri, 25 Feb 2011 04:13:53 +0000 Jonny,
Enjoyed your article entitled “All Star Jam – Woodstock, Cooperstown & Americade”.
Please tell me the location of the diner. Looks like a fun place to stop and eat. Thanks.