Web-Rider Spotlight: 2013 Americade


IMGP1542IMGP1718It’s no secret. I love motorcycles. Real motorcycles. Because of this, June is my favorite month. Why June? Because that’s when Americade happens and I got to go this year!

We left on Thursday morning with a group of 10 or so. The weather help up for the trip and we arrived after a few hours at a house where we regrouped. We set out again on Friday, and it was raining. Now, I ‘ve been told that if you say you went to Americade and it didn’t rain, well, then you didn’t go to Americade. Despite the rain, we found cupcakes!IMGP1493

Once we felt soggy enough, we went back to the hotel and chilled out for the night with hopes of less rain on Saturday. Our hopes were honored (for a little while) on Saturday and we headed out with a group of about eight bikes to ride up through Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, Long Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Indian Lake, and along the Hudson River back to lake George. Less than half of the way to Lake Placid, everyone decided to turn back because it was going to rain, continuing on with our rain gear safely stowed.

We started out for home on Sunday morning and, of course, it was the most beautiful day of the entire trip. Every drop of rain was worth every moment of joy. In addition to being on vacation, I had the honor of riding with my brothers! Americade 2014, you will see me on my own bike!

Liz Jaeger

Monmouth County, NJ

To watch some of Liz’s videos from 2013 Americade, click here!


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