Web-Rider Spotlight: Never Made It

21-01 WebRider4733987_orig4154856_origIn late April 2012, Ann was in the process of quitting one job and starting another, so we planned a long weekend trip from Washington, DC to the Blue Ridge Mountains and back on our 2008 H-D 21-02 WebRiderHeritage Softail Classic. Our plan was to ride the Tail of the Dragon, but the weather slowed us down and made us rethink our trip. Although the report called for snow, we honestly didn’t stop to think about it. Snow? In March? Sure, we were in the mountains, but it was 60 F in DC! But it did snow. There was also rain with freezing wind. It rained so much that one of Ann’s catch phrases during the trip was, “Roll up the windows! I’m getting soaked back here!” And even when it was dry, the temperatures were still in the low 40s. At one point, Ann was too cold to take off her full-face helmet for pictures and I was too cold to take off my face mask.1863980_orig

In order to stay warm for seven hours one day, Ann had to wear a bunch of clothes, including jeans, sweatpants, leather chaps, rain pants, a short-sleeve shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a fleece, a heated jacket (with wires, like a heated blanket), a leather jacket, and a raincoat.

Oh, that’s right. She also wore two pairs of wool socks with waterproof boots (Left).

In the end, we made it to Boone, North Carolina before eventually calling it off. Even though we didn’t get all the way to the Tail of the Dragon, we still had a great getaway. We can’t wait to return! But during the summertime.

Alex and Ann

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  1. I live in North Carolna, so the obvious choice for my 50th birthday ride was the Dragon. We rode my 2005 Mean Streak (set up for light touring) west from Raleigh, and rented a room in Asheville which woul be home base for the trip. It was the end of june and temps were great, mid to high 80 degrees, plenty of sun-perfect. We rode west through the Maggie Valley, Cherekee, Bryson City, Fontana, and Deals Gap. From there we rode into Marysville, Gatlinburg and back down into NC. All good stuff. On our last day, July 3rd I decided we’d ride from Asheville to Boone. The Sun was out and it was 86 degrees so we were dressed light. By the time we got to Mt Mitchell Ranger Station it was 30 degrees, sleet, icey patches, freezing cold winds….!!! So we threw on some layers and continued to Little Sweitzerlad, got off the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed for warmer temps and lower elevations. There were excellent roads coming down, including a mini dragons tail and beautiful scenic views.