Web-Rider Spotlight: Solo Rider

01 WellsDSCF7623-e1364561248609I started riding motorcycles when I was about 17. Now, I’m 47 and celebrating 30 years of motorcycling. I’ve owned only four bikes, but I’ve put them all to good use, logging somewhere around 225,000 miles in total. My current ride and mile-muncher is a 2005 Honda ST1300 that I bought new in December of 2006. I enjoy the touring comfort, but I still love to challenge my riding skills in the twisties from time to time. I’m primarily a solo rider, a non-conformist biker, and shy away from groups. I don’t follow the trends or “wear the uniform.” Motorcycling is not a fashion show for me. I just like to do my own thing and be a free spirit.  prpv-13

Of all the motorcycle trips I’ve been on, going to the Great Smoky Mountains has always been my favorite. I love just cruising through that magnificent park, smelling the fresh air, and hearing the water rushing down the mountain streams. Nearby on US Route 129 is the Tail of the Dragon. This road is such a delight to ride and attracts motorcyclists like a Smoky Mountain black bear to honey. But ride at your own risk; these roads are not for beginners.

Frank Wells

Hutsonville, IL

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  1. I just wanted to thank RoadBike for featuring me in their Web Rider Spotlight.

    I’d just like to take this opportunity to encourage riders of all ages and abilities to take basic and advanced rider skills courses. Participating in skills training can not only teach an old dog new tricks, but can refresh the skills you already have.

    Ride safe, and don’t forget to wave!

    Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/LetMeBe_Frank

    Shout outs:

    • Bud Griffin says:

      It is people like you that give motorcycling a bad name. You say you’re not trendy, and your bike has a tramp stamp! C’mon MAN!!! You say you don’t were the uniform, but you have jacket and gloves!
      You’re a solo rider because your head is too big for anyone to ride with you!!!


  2. Rusty Shackledord says:

    If you do not wear the”uniform” why do you have jacket without pants. Blue jeans and tennis shoes do.not offer much protection.